DIY Valentine’s Day Mini Gnomes Tutorial

DIY Valentine’s Day Mini Gnomes Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Emilie Lefler on YouTube


For a fun hobby to bond over with your friends and family, try these Valentine couple gnomes made out of old knitted gloves and materials that you can buy in the nearest craft store. These darling gnomes by Emilie Lefler on YouTube are so easy and quick to make. You can display it at your home, give it as a gift to a loved one, or even sell it.



  • Knitted gloves
  • Faux fur
  • Embroidery floss, white and pink
  • Wooden bead
  • Polyfill
  • Poly bands
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Cork
  • Small flower
  • Small foam hat
  • Scissors
  • Wine corks.
  • Weighted beads
  • Knife


Step 1

Take the knitted gloves and trim off all the fingertips, then set them aside. Cut the back of the faux fur into 1 x 1½ inches and make sure that you cut only the fabric and not the fur itself. Slice the wine cork in half and make sure you use it with the flat side on the bottom so that your gnome stands properly. Take 1 fingertip, roll the hem back like a hat, then slide over the piece of cork and push it real tight. Fill 2/3 of the way with weighted beads, then stuff a bit of polyfill to avoid the beads from falling out, use bands to tie the ends several times, and trim off the top.


Step 2

Take another fingertip, roll the hem back, then pinch halfway to the top in the opposite direction of the seam, dab a hot glue inside and pinch again to give it a shape and dimension. Cover all the back of the fur with hot glue and lay it to the male gnome’s body flatly, insert the hat and slide it over, roll the hat back add glue then roll it back down, part the front bead in half then place the bead in the middle, apply glue at the upper part of the nose and place the hat nicely on top. Wrap a pink floss around the top of his hat about 3 times, then add heart at the top of his hat.

Easy Recycled Gnome Project Tutorial
Image Credit: Emilie Lefler on YouTube

Step 3

For a female gnome, instead of adding a beard, you can instead braid a white embroidery floss to create the hair, then place it over the beaded nose before attaching the hat at the front, glue a flower at the end of each of her braid, and use a pink thread and wrap it around her hat about 3 times while dabbing glue, tilt the tip of the hat down, add glue and press down until the glue sets. Use foam hearts and glue at the top of her hat, add a flower at the place where the hat is pressed down.

DIY Valentine's Day Craft Ideas
Image Credit: Emilie Lefler on YouTube


*These amazing images are all credited to Emilie Lefler on YouTube via YouTube. Check her other content and follow for more!

DIY Valentine’s Day Mini Gnomes Tutorial

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