Oh My Gosh…Watch How He Makes A Remarkable Trumpkin-Pumpkin (Hilarious!)

Oh My Gosh…Watch How He Makes A Remarkable Trumpkin-Pumpkin (Hilarious!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

To be clear, I’m not putting this up here for any controversial political remarks…I just found it to be quite amusing and wanted to share it with you!

I see politician masks every year for Halloween costumes, and you will especially see them this year, with the election so close.  So why not throw a Trump pumpkin into the mix?!


Aren’t you amazed at the ideas the DIY’ers come up with out there? I know I am! This is certainly good for a great belly laugh…whether you’re voting for Trump or Hilary, I personally think they’re both disgustingly comical. Just my opinion…

This guy makes a copy of a trump photo and cleverly draws out his pumpkin carving plan. Then he transfers it onto his pumpkin. Some of you out there enjoy these intricate pumpkins because I see some pretty spectacular carved pumpkins every year. I personally don’t have the patience for them. My hat’s off to those who do!

I haven’t run across a good Hilary pumpkin yet, but when I do, if I’m not out of time, I’ll be sure to post one. I wouldn’t want it to look like I’m leaning towards a specific candidate!

Watch how Oiko Echo does this in his clever step by step tutorial and get busy with that carving tool!

DISCLAIMER:  This post does not reflect my political preference. Also, beware, if you do display this pumpkin be prepared to be egged! LOL!


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