He Makes These Stupid Fun Loving Creatures That Are Sure To Put a Smile On Anybody’s Face!

He Makes These Stupid Fun Loving Creatures That Are Sure To Put a Smile On Anybody’s Face! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

John Murphy from Stupid Creatures has taken a basic sock creature construction design and embellished it a bit. They use cutouts from printed cottons and solid T-shirts.

“Urban” art and fashion is very popular in our culture, even in places that are largely rural. It seems few people, especially youngsters, want to cultivate or honor pleasing elements that represent a more rural surrounding.


When I saw the photo of these magnificent creatures, I flipped out over them! I love the zany wackiness about them and how unique they look! I was at my sewing machine pretty quickly after watching how they make these. Since seeing this tutorial, I’ve actually made several of them. I plan to give some of them for gifts, but they have so much personality that I won’t be able to part with many of them. They are such a conversation piece!

These make fun and unique gifts for everybody…especially for children’s gifts, but I think anybody who receives one of these will go bonkers over them like I have.

While making these,you can let your imagination go wild creating different personalities for these wonky creatures! Many people make these with socks, as does John Murphy from Stupid Creatures.

The holidays will be here before you know it! Get a head start right here on Threadbanger with guest John Murphy from Stupid Creatures. Learn how to put together your own stuffed animal stupid creature for your friends and family while saving a buck or two this holiday season.

Watch how John Murphy makes these in their step by step tutorial so you can make them too!


Photo Credit:  stupidcreatures.com

A special thanks to The D’Zturbanites for the use of their photo of their stupid creatures, that is shown here. Make sure to check out their site for more great things!

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