DIY Stacked Pumpkin Topiary Tutorial

DIY Stacked Pumpkin Topiary Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Pollie’s Place Designs via Youtube


This DIY stacked pumpkin topiary from Pollie’s Place Designs on Youtube is a great fall decoration for your front porch. This project may look complex, but it’s actually super easy to do! All you need are some fall materials or decorations and this tutorial! Watch the video below to learn the step-by-step process.



  • urn planter
  • 3 different sized pumpkins
  • 3/8″ dowel rod
  • fall wreath
  • cardboard
  • drill
  • fall and green garland
  • hot glue gun
  • Styrofoam


Step 1

Glue your fall wreath to your cardboard that has the same size. Next, drill a hole all the way from the bottom to the top of the pumpkins and also through the middle of the cardboard. After this, stack the pumpkins through the dowel to see if it fits and to plan what will it look like, then just remove them so you can glue the larger pumpkin first on the bottom of the cardboard, making sure that you do not glue around the dowel rod so you can still move it back and forth. (Make sure to stick the dowel rod through the cardboard first before gluing the pumpkins.)

Drilling the pumpkin for the dowel rod
Image credits: Pollie’s Place Designs via Youtube


Step 2

Next, take your greenery garland, cut it into pieces, then stick it through the wreath to fill the empty spaces. In between the bottom and middle pumpkin, take your fall garland, cut it to make it round, and put it right on top of the bottom pumpkin. After this, slide in the last pumpkin on top. Add some more greenery and hot glue it. In between the middle and the top pumpkin, take a little more of the fall garland and stick it to the top.

Stacking the pumpkin to create the front porch fall topiary
Image credits: Pollie’s Place Designs via Youtube

DIY Stacked Pumpkin Topiary Tutorial

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