Watch How He Makes This Awesome Rustic Magazine Rack!

Watch How He Makes This Awesome Rustic Magazine Rack! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Most of us love a bit of rustic mixed in with our decor and this is the perfect piece to do that with! I can’t think of a better and cheaper way to do this than this DIY project he presents to you.

This fun Australian is interesting to listen to, while learning a new DIY project. Watch how he takes old fence wood and transforms it into a fabulous magazine rack. I love this rustic look that he accomplishes in his tutorial.


As he said in his tutorial, you can do the same thing by using pallet wood and we all know how easy and cheap those are to find.

The issue many of run into when trying to get organized is finding a place to store magazines so they don’t accumulated by stacking them on a desk and table surfaces. This is definitely one of my favorite ideas for storing magazines!

I don’t always have the time to flip through my magazines when they come in the mail, but at some point when I find some down time, a magazine in hand is one of my favorite ways to relax. Meanwhile, they can start stacking up. I ran into this solution online and it was exactly what I wanted!

Don’t you love the way he puts the darker piece of wood all the way around the magazine rack he made? I think it adds a great contrast and gives it a more interesting look. I also love that he added wheels to it too! Anything to make things easier and more accessible.

Watch how Shane, with shaneconlan1 makes this cool magazine rack in his step by step tutorial. You’re gonna love having another organizing tool!


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