Want To Know The Secret To Getting A Perfect Rustic Finish In Minutes? (Watch)

Want To Know The Secret To Getting A Perfect Rustic Finish In Minutes? (Watch) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I’ve always loved rustic furniture, but what I wasn’t clear about how to stain a piece of furniture to get the rustic look I wanted. I knew you needed to do a little more than just put the stain on it to achieve the rustic look I wanted.

One of my favorite things about buying unfinished furniture, or making it, is the finished result. It’s the details that gives a piece an authentic rustic look. It’s the details that make a world of difference.


If you’re anything like me, I love the rustic primitive look. By using this technique I can achieve the desired results quite easily. In my home I have a lot of rustic furniture and I’ve mixed it up with some eclectic accent pieces.

There are many ways to finish furniture. Some people use a tea stain, vinegar and some torch the wood. I found this technique to be the easiest and the results to be the best.

I recently refinished a bench for my entryway and it looks so incredible. It’s amazing how a piece of furniture can change up the look of your home! I get such a great feeling every time I see my bench. I’m pretty proud of it!

What piece of furniture will you be finishing? Make sure to watch this step by step tutorial by Izzy Swan so you can get that authentic rustic look you are love so much!

Photo Credit: Cherishedbliss.com

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