She Added The Coolest Look To Her Decor With A Ruler Table Which Is So Unique!

She Added The Coolest Look To Her Decor With A Ruler Table Which Is So Unique! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I got so excited when I ran across this tutorial! This is the greatest looking table to add a unique and different look to your decor. You can find rulers cheap at antique or thrift stores and I went on the search for rulers that  each looked different to make my table.


My home is an assortment of many artistic pieces, along with a lot of the paintings I have done, and when I feasted my eyes on this DIY project I couldn’t wait to get busy making this!

I’m pretty much obsessed with yardsticks and have been collecting and hoarding them for over a year to start using them on projects. I actually brought them up from the basement and stared at them for a few minutes just trying to decide what they would be. Then I ran across this awesome tutorial!  As a crafter I can never find enough time to do all the fabulous DIY projects available. I needed to make a cute little box (table) out of these yardsticks! And so it was born…my first yardstick project was this neat looking little table!
It’s unbelievable how many yardstick DIY’s are out there! People are putting yardsticks around mirrors, on dressers, trash bins, lamp shades, trays and somebody even used it to trim out a chair!
Watch Pottery Barn Teen’s step by step tutorial so you can make this fabulous table!


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