Sewing Tutorial : Back Pillow for Reading or TV Watching

Sewing Tutorial : Back Pillow for Reading or TV Watching | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I spend hours sitting in my bed, writing these posts for Facebook and my back is usually screaming after a while. I’d been on the hunt for a reading pillow on Amazon and then it occurred to me that there might be a DIY reading pillow…and there was! I wanted to share this tutorial with the people out there who are guilty of doing work, reading in their beds or just watching TV.


Don’t you love that you can personalize your own reading pillow with some of the awesome fabrics available to us now? I do because the ones I was seeing on Amazon were ugly and cost over $30. These are between $49-$79 at The Company Store!

After going to the fabric store, with a mission to find something that would look great with my bedding, I found a few great contrasting fabrics that look awesome in my room and I just love the way it looks! I also love that my back doesn’t hurt anymore!

So, if you like staying in your bed for reading, watching tv, knitting, embroidering, or web surfing and feel back pain for sitting a long time in the bed, this is a great tutorial, by SewVeryEasy, for making a wonderful backrest pillow. This is certainly a great way to take care of your back.  It’s made a lot of difference since I made mine.

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can stop torturing yourself and save your back! I love mine and am not sure how I lived without it for so long. These pillows make super gifts, too, so start working a few of these now and keep them on hand for last minute Christmas presents.



DIY Reading Pillow - Easy Sewing Project with Step by Step Tutorial and Video - Free Sewing Pattern and How To - Cute DIY Gift and Home Decor Idea - DIY Projects and Crafts for Women

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