Watch How He Makes This Protective Phone Case (Amazing!)

Watch How He Makes This Protective Phone Case (Amazing!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

You may want to go out and drop some money on an expensive phone case to protect your phone, but before you do, check out this brilliant DIY idea!

You can do any design your little ole’ heart desires! The awesome thing about this type of case is that it will protect your phone better than the majority of phone cases on the market. I guarantee, it’s a lot cheaper too!


I love that you can buy hot glue in colors and with glitter too! We’ve come a long way!

I must say that I’ve bought many a phone case since I’ve been carrying an iPhone and every time they come out with a new upgraded version, the size usually changes, so I have ended up buying another one…and the saga goes on!

This seems like a simple solution to the phone case dilemma…don’t you think? Well, I do and trust me, when you drop your phone, it sort of bounces because of the rubbery glue. Cool, huh?

In this tutorial he will show you his first hot glue phone case that he made, with clear glue, and then he shows us how he makes the one featured in the photo on this post. I think it’s pretty darned cool. I’ve seen some of these phone cases on Pinterest and particularly loved the hot pink glue and swirly designs, so that’s the one I chose to do for my phone. I just love it and it’s so unique looking! I’ve had several people inquire about where I got it! Ha! That’s when I get to tell them how I made it. Then their mouths fall open!

Watch how Dave Hax does this in his step by step tutorial and get your glue gun out!

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