She Shows Us How Easy It Is To Propagate The Beautiful Fragrant Lavender (Watch!)

She Shows Us How Easy It Is To Propagate The Beautiful Fragrant Lavender (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Lavender is one of the more common garden and backyard flowers, and for good reason.  It has so many uses and benefits!  I have to admit that lavender is one of my very favorite flowers.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of care, looks gorgeous, and is something that I use quite frequently for numerous applications.  I have a few lavender plants started in our new yard, with plans of getting many more!  I would love to have a lavender forest, really, for just the scent alone.


Lavender is super easy to grow in most climates.  It doesn’t require a lot of water, likes full sun and well drained soil.  It will form fairly large bushes that can easily be made into a hedge.  Harvest lavender as it blooms throughout the summer, and prune back by about a third each fall.  There are multiple lavender varieties to choose from, such as English, French, Grosso, and Provence.

Besides being easy to grow, lavender is also beautiful!  It is a lovely plant to have around, in your backyard or your front yard.  I love how it looks, it’s great as a border or walkway plant, and will cheer up any outdoor space that it’s planted in.

Here’s what she does:

  • Strip the leaves off the stem past another one to two leaf nodes
  • Just leave a pair of leaves on the cutting by cutting off the upper part of the stem (cutting should be 4-6″ long)
  • Dip the bottom of the cutting into ‘Rooting Hormone’. This will stimulate roots to grow
  • Gently position the cutting around the outer edge of a pot with free draining potting compost
  • Water compost and make sure to keep it moist (not soaking for the next 4-8 weeks)
  • Keep it in a warm light place out of direct sun. A clear bag can create a mini greenhouse
  • When you see new growth coming out of the pot’s bottom, it’s time to repot the plants
  • Gentle tip the plants out of the original pot and replant with free draining potting compost
  • Give them another watering and snip off any flowers that have started to grow
  • Grow on under cover until they’re strong enough to be planted outdoors.

To see how Lovely Greens does this watch her step by step tutorial and grow your lovely Lavender!


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