They Make These Cool Light Strands By Adding Ping Pong Balls

They Make These Cool Light Strands By Adding Ping Pong Balls | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Lighting can really add the perfect ambience to a room, or make your patio extra special, for when you’re having guests over or just spending quiet time in the outdoors!

Another thought is that everyone wants to have the cutest dorm room in their hall, but buying decorations at retail stores can be so expensive and sometimes they don’t even have exactly the style you’re looking for! If you’re searching for a way to spice up your dorm room without spending a ton of money, why not make some adorable (and inexpensive) ping pong ball light strands?


My kids love these and have them hanging in their rooms. I believe it has a calming affect on them, so I encourage anything that will calm the down!

My teenage daughter has these in her room and the used pink lights. I must say…they look pretty cool. She found them on eBay. She loves everything that is pink!

If you’re trying to think of some great party decorations, these are perfect! Lighting is everything when you’re having a party. Get some of your friends together and have them help you make these a few days before. It’ll go much faster that way.

These usually go for $20 a strand and you’ll save a lot of money by making these yourself. Especially if you wait until after Christmas and buy them for next to nothing…so keep this in mind.

Watch how these girls with Awesomeness TV does this in their step by step tutorial and get those cool lights up!



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