Dollar Tree DIY Giant Peppermint Ladder Tutorial

Dollar Tree DIY Giant Peppermint Ladder Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: StoreeOfMyLife via Youtube


Christmas is the time of the year when we can go all out with our decorations, and this DIY peppermint ladder from StoreeOfMyLife on Youtube is the perfect piece to complete your outdoor display. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive to make, with materials all coming from Dollar Tree. This gorgeous piece will surely make head turns! Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step-by-step instructions.



  • four white pool noodles
  • red duct tape
  • white duct tape
  • three brooms
  • hot glue
  • plush elves (to decorate the ladder)


Step 1

Connect two pool noodles using white duct tape, then start with the red duct tape on one end at an angle and spin it around, making a candy stripe. Do this to the whole length of the two pool noodles, then repeat the same process on the remaining noodles. These will be the two outside legs of the ladder. Next, grab the brooms and remove the bristles and the hooks on the opposite end. Cut each broom handle into three equal pieces, giving you a total of nine.

Putting red tape to the pool noodle to make candy stripes
Image credits: StoreeOfMyLife via Youtube

Step 2

Grab the red duct tape again and give each broom piece candy stripes. (Cut the tape in half to be more proportionate.) Next, starting at one end, measure and mark 8″ in both noodles. Apply hot glue to the ends of one broom pole, then punctured it in at the marking, making your first rung. Measure 11″ next, then place the second rung. Repeat this measurement for the remaining length of the ladder using eight broom pieces. After this, place some plush elves to decorate the ladder.

Putting the rung of the DIY peppermint ladder
Image credits: StoreeOfMyLife via Youtube

Dollar Tree DIY Giant Peppermint Ladder Tutorial

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