She Uses Hundreds of Pennies To Make a DIY Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen…

She Uses Hundreds of Pennies To Make a DIY Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen… | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas



I recently bought a home and have been on a DIY kick.  There were certain aspects of this home that I knew I needed to change. I had seen a fabulous DIY project that had stuck in my mind because I was so fascinated by the looks of this. After finding this tutorial, I got busy and, boy, I’m glad I did…it’s absolutely stunning!


Since the value of a penny isn’t what it used to be, this is a great way to make them valuable again! I love repurposing stuff, especially when I already have two big buckets of pennies!

I love the way this woman with Mindful Design Reno does this technique and doesn’t have to get down on the floor to lay all of these pennies…she just lays them out on contact paper and uses a cheap picture frame for her squares! I’ve seen videos of people down on all fours doing this and I’d never be able to get back up if I did it that way!

On their site, Homeli says “The concept of penny tiled floors received wide spread media attention when a couple from Chicago decided to cover their bedroom floor in the copper coins. This area amounted to 234 square feet which took 59,670 pennies to cover.  That might sound like a lot but that’s only $600 worth of coins, not too bad when you consider you’re getting a copper mosaic tile floor.

Pennies are rarely spent and as a result many people are left with pots full of pennies while some have even taken to throwing them away. Therefor using pennies as tiles could be seen as reusing and upcycling these nuisance coins.”

Watch her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making your marvelous flooring!


Thanks to Homeli for the photo of the penny flooring. Make sure to check out their site for more brilliant ideas!

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