DIY Pampas Grass From Satin Ribbon

DIY Pampas Grass From Satin Ribbon | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

These feather-like flowers resemble a variation of pampas grass, which is in high demand right now. By using this tutorial, you can make your own for a fraction of the price, and they will be good for forever, not just a few months. This tutorial by Alita Art is very detailed and will show you step by step exactly what to do. These flowers would be perfect additions to decor for a wedding, or just sitting around the house. I have made several of these, and they pair perfectly with my Coffee Filter Flowers.


Materials Needed For this DIY:

  • Satin Ribbon
  • Wire
  • Double-Sided Flower Tape
  • Scissors


Step One

Cut small strips of your satin ribbon. Make sure the strips are cut into even pieces. Attach all the thread pieces to your flower tape. Attach them on one long strip of tape.

Tape Ribbon To Double-Sided Tape - DIY Home Decor

Image by. Alita Art via YouTube video.

Step Two

Begin pulling the binding horizontal threads out, leaving only the vertical threads. Be careful not to rip the vertical threads when pulling out the horizontal ones.

Step Three

Once all the threads have been pulled, remove the other side of the double-sided tape, place a wire onto the tape and begin wrapping it onto itself.

Step Four

Continue wrapping the tape and ribbon multiple times. Repeat this step until you have a bunch of wires wrapped.

Tape Your Pampas Grass To Wire - DIY Home Decor

Image by. Alita Art via YouTube video.


Step Five

Once you’ve made many different leaves, you can attach them to one long piece of wire and bundle all your smaller pieces together.

Step Six

Once the bundles are completed, you can either keep the ribbon in one large piece, or you can fan them out to make them into a feather shape.

Pampas Grass Made From Satin Ribbon

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