Watch How She Builds An Outrageously Beautiful Planter Box Out Of Pallets!

Watch How She Builds An Outrageously Beautiful Planter Box Out Of Pallets! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Looking for a really fun DIY project to recycle some wooden shipping pallets?   You sure aren’t alone!  These rickety ole things people used to throw away are really popular to repurpose nowadays!   Put on some gloves so you won’t get splinters and watch this awesome tutorial by Amy Braesler. The results are absolutely fabulous! These cascading flower boxes look really beautiful and will truly embellish your garden or wherever you put them.


Have you ever seen anything so lovely? This will definitely be the talk of the neighborhood! People will be scattering to find some pallets to make one for their yards!

This is SO cool!  I can’t get over how gorgeous the flowers look once they all fill in and just phenomenal. Amy Braesler takes you through the ENTIRE process, step by step with photos for every step!

This year, rather than put up hanging baskets of petunias,in the front yard, I’m doing this so the flowers will be more protected from the harsh sun and wind.  I also wanted to dress up a window that’s a little boring. I built this large planter box out of pallets, since it is made from pallets I won’t feel bad ruining the wood. I can’t hardly wait to see the flowers cascaded out of this planter box!

Watch how Amy Braesler builds this planter box in her step by step tutorial!






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