DIY Newspaper Bird Nest Tutorial

DIY Newspaper Bird Nest Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: tinkering-club via YouTube


Be extra with your egg storage or containers by making a matching DIY nest for them. This craft is very inexpensive, simple to make, and a pretty fun activity too! Just grab some old newspapers, basic art materials, and artificial grass as well. Then, follow the directions as instructed by this video tutorial by tinkering-club on YouTube.



  • Artificial grass
  • Eggs
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Acrylic paint, yellow
  • Spray paint, yellow
  • Mod podge glue
  • Newspapers


Step 1

Using a paintbrush, roll in the newspapers starting from one corner diagonally, then secure the end or tip of the newspaper with glue, remove the paintbrush, and repeat the process until you have about 9 pieces of rolled strips. Flatten one roll, then roll it again using the tip of the paintbrush, making sure to glue it as you go. Once you reached the end, glue another strip to extend its length, and continue rolling it around until you’ve used all strips. You’ll end up with a wide round nest-like shape.

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Image Credit: tinkering-club via YouTube


Step 2

Brush around the surface of the newspaper with glue making sure to apply on each strip, then let it dry completely. After drying it, lightly push the bottom to make a shallow bowl-like shape, then brush more glue on the inside, and let dry completely. Lightly brush a yellow acrylic paint around the bottom of the nest, then spray paint it with yellow, flip it over, and drizzle some glue around the surface. Then, fill it with artificial grass, place the eggs, together with some cute baby chick toys.

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Image Credit: tinkering-club via YouTube


*Thanks to tinkering-club via YouTube for all images used here. If you loved this craft, then you’ll surely love their other tutorials too, so give their channel a visit and subscribe!

DIY Newspaper Bird Nest Tutorial

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