3 Never Seen Before Mason Jar Hacks You Have To Try Immediately (Watch!)

3 Never Seen Before Mason Jar Hacks You Have To Try Immediately (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Mason jar projects could go on ad infinitum – don’t you love all of the amazing ideas for using them? They can save us a lot of time in household purposes and money in gifts!


These projects are super easy and will be completed in no time flat!  I had considered giving this clever bottle opener and bottle cap catcher away as a gift but my husband quickly changed my mind. It now resides on the side of one our kitchen cabinet!  It’s definitely a unique bottle opener and I love that everything I don’t have to see bottle caps sitting on my countertops any more! Although, I will be making a couple of these as a gift since they’re so useful and clever. By the way, these sell for $25-$30 on Etsy!

We love our pets, truly we do, but let’s face it…they can stink! I have lived in fear that our home smells like animals for years, and am constantly doing whatever I can to keep that from being the case. There are many simple deodorizing carpet powder sprinkle recipes on Pinterest, but you’ll need a container to put it in. She makes this one, with a Mason jar, in no time flat and it will have your carpet and rugs smelling fresh in no time!

These ideas featured in this collection are pretty easy to make, all you need for a couple of these is a Mason jar a a few other things that you probably already have around the house. You probably don’t even need a step by step instruction, it’s easy to get what needs to be done just by observing the images. Alternatively, if you are not a crafty person make sure to check out this step by step tutorial by The List Show TV! Happy crafting!



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