Watch How She Makes This Cool Gift For Her Sweetheart For Valentines Day!

Watch How She Makes This Cool Gift For Her Sweetheart For Valentines Day! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I was first inspired by this project when I saw this on Pinterest. I just knew it would be perfect for my sweetie.  A small little gesture to let him know how much I appreciate all of the things he does for me.


When it comes to repurposing, lightbulbs are a tried and true DIY go-to. Whether you’re turning one into a bud vase or covering it with twine to masquerade as a pear, these versatile pieces of glass belong anywhere but in your trash.

This is such sweet way to tell your loved one how you feel about them! I love how the one I made for my husband turned out, considering how easy it was to make. You could switch up the colors and the saying that are on them to really personalize it for whoever you want to give it to! Valentines Day isn’t only for boyfriends or husbands!

When I saw these on Pinterest, the light bulbs were attached to a block of wood, but the reason I made this one was that I was especially fond of the way she used a paper mache box to put candy in. She painted the box black because it was for her husband, but you can paint it any color you wish…that’s what makes DIY projects so much fun!

Make this loving surprise for your sweetheart to put on his or her desk. The time, effort, creativity, and love you spent on this gift would make your loved one smile and treasure the gifts for years to come.

Watch how Beautify Inside And Out makes this precious Valentine gift in her step by step tutorial.  A romantic way to give a gift to your loved one with this DIY heart lightbulb.

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