Very Easy Knitting Tutorial For Beginners And Look What She Makes!

Very Easy Knitting Tutorial For Beginners And Look What She Makes! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is the perfect easy scarf pattern for beginner, if you can knit and purl then you are more than capable of making this scarf. If you were to buy this scarf, the average cost is $79! What do you have to lose by giving this a shot?

Learning how to knit a scarf can seem hard if you’re a total beginner.  There are two needles to move around, and yarn that looks like it could snag into knots. It looks intimidating!


But the truth is that knitting is like any other skill. It’s no different than learning how to ride a bike or how to cook. All it takes is some time and practice. And the upside is that unlike riding a bike or cooking, there’s no risk of skinned knees or charred fingers. Knitting is pretty safe. In fact, knitting has several health benefits and those are as follows:

  • Knitting reduces stress, The Daily Mail says “The rhythmic repetitive movements induce a form of meditation similar to mindfulness – that pleasant state of mind when you’re existing ‘in the moment’, not mulling over the past or fretting about the future” said Corkhill. “Knitters find they can ‘zone out’ – and escape into the sanctuary of a quiet mind”.
  • Knitting can help kids read! According to WBEZ: “The process of knitting is like threading a story. Kids are learning focus and concentration. They’re gaining fine-motor skills, needed for writing. They’re seeing patterns. They’re moving from left to right, the same way you read. They’re gaining confidence.”
  • Knitting can keep Alzheimer’s at bay.
  • Knitting can teach important life skills.
  • Knitting helps you overcome addition.
  • Knitting encourages community.

All you need are your hands, some yarn, and a pair of needles. I say GO FOR IT!

Watch how WOODLANDTHEGANG teaches you in her step by step tutorial and go buy those knitting needles!

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