DIY Illuminated Mason Jar Lanterns

DIY Illuminated Mason Jar Lanterns | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: DIY Made Easy


These DIY illuminated mason jar lanterns are the perfect farmhouse decor for your home! You can use fake flowers or fresh flowers for a more lively look. You can even change them depending on the season and holiday. This lovely idea is by DIY Made Easy on Youtube. Go watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • 1 x 6 x 6 board
  • mason jars
  • white matte spray paint
  • hooks
  • sandpaper
  • cloth
  • cloves
  • drill
  • wood stain
  • hot glue
  • burlap yarn
  • garland or fresh flowers
  • LED tea light
  • screw


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Step 1:

Measure your mason jars as it comes in different sizes. For this project, the mason jar measures 7 inches. Make sure when measuring the board to consider the size of the jar and the hook. Measure 14 inches long on the board and cut using a saw. Once done, sand the board. Sand them with the grain.

Step 2:

Paint the mason jar using white matte spray paint. Let it dry for 3 hours to make sure that you will not get spray paint into any other part of the project.

Step 3:

Stain the wood with the grain using a cloth on all sides. Make sure to give at least 2 hours of drying time for the front part before turning it over.

DIY Illuminated Mason Jar Lanterns Materials
Image by: DIY Made Easy


Step 4:

Using the burlap yarn, measure around the mason jar and see how much rope you need and figure out the center area of each side of the mason jar. Create 2 loops and then continuously wrap that yarn around the neck until you get to the top of the mason jar. Hot glue the yarn to secure it. Then make a sturdy rope to tie on the loops. Double knot it on both sides.

DIY Illuminated Mason Jar Lanterns Project
Image by: DIY Made Easy


Step 5:

Put the garland and the tea lights into your jar.

Step 6:

Measure and mark the center of the board where you will put the hook. Place the hook in place using a screw and hand drill. Once done, hook the mason jar.


DIY Illuminated Mason Jar Lanterns

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