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I love concrete planters just as much as the next person, but what I love even more is a planter with some personality! That’s why I fell immediately when I discovered concrete hand planters. That is, until I saw the price tag and couldn’t stomach paying that much for a bag of concrete poured into a mold. So I decided to do what I always do and found a tutorial so I could make my own DIY planter.


All you’ll need for this easy DIY project is a bag of concrete, a couple of rubber house cleaning gloves, and a big bucket to mix your concrete in. Then once everything is dry you’ll need an assortment of flower or succulents to fill it with, of course. Put this concrete planter in your home or adorn your garden with a collection of these in your outdoor space.

I made two of these because I wanted to put them by my front door to welcome guests when they come to my house, but I never expected to receive as many compliments on them as I do. People seem to really love the uniqueness of  the welcoming hands. Pretty much everyone says they’ve never seen anything like it and immediately ask where they can get a set for themselves. Someone should actually sell these because not all of my friends are quite so into DIY as I am. Well, at least I know what I can get all of those people for Christmas!

This easy step by step tutorial walks you through how to make these planters in a matter of minutes. The toughest part is waiting for your planters to dry completely before filling it with floral flair and displaying them proudly in your home. Thanks to the fine folks at DIY Fun Ideas for the image used. Check out their site if you want step by step photos rather than the video tutorial.

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