It’s Brilliant The Way She Writes On Plates, Bakes Them And Creates A Unique Look!

It’s Brilliant The Way She Writes On Plates, Bakes Them And Creates A Unique Look! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I’ve always loved french art with the handwriting in the background and the fabrics that have handwriting on them. It’s such a chic look. I got really excited about this DIY project and how easy it is! I never knew that you could write on glassware with a porcelain marker, bake it and that process makes it permanent…dishwasher safe too!


To know me is the realize that I will only do an easy craft. If it involves anything requiring the least amount of patience, I’m out.

When I did this DIY project I bought my plates at the dollar store, therefore this craft cost me very little, but the results are so lovely and unique! This is definitely something I’m gonna do for some Christmas gifts this year!

I can think of so many great things to write on plates…Christmas cookies for Santa, special recipes, love letters, anniversary messages, birthday messages and so much more!

This is also a great project for kids. We all love children’s art and wouldn’t their artwork look awesome on a plate for permanent memories? I love this project because there are so many great ideas to put on them for special keepsakes. Most of us are sentimental when it comes to receiving these type of gifts.

A lot of people use sharpie permanent markers on plates and bake them, although I haven’t put that to the test to see how they hold up. I suppose it’s worth a shot!

Watch how Ruthie Collins does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making those special gifts for people too!




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