How To Make Hand Sanitizer From The World Health Organization

How To Make Hand Sanitizer From The World Health Organization | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Pandemics and the need for cleanliness are no big news to anyone, however, the new Coronavirus phenomenon is something we haven’t seen. I guess by now we have all seen the toilet paper and hand sanitizer hoarding at our local supermarkets and pharmacies and we go to stock up our medicine cabinet with some hand sanitizer, only to find shelves empty and find ourselves unable to get what we need. I mean we can’t even buy one bottle of hand sanitizer because the person before us thought they needed 25, not fair or sensible really.


Where can I get hand sanitizer?

Amazon is out, the pharmacy is out, the grocery store and even convenience stores have been out, Purell and other name brand products are long gone and even the more expensive versions have disappeared and you just can’t buy any right now. That is exactly why I am so pleased that I can share this Youtube video that I found actually put out by the World Health Organization. You only need a few ingredients to learn how to make hand sanitizer at home, I mean really few because as long as you have the rubbing alcohol you’re good.

For effective control of germs, be sure to wash hands too, but in an effort to prevent coronavirus and flu, plus lots of other germs no one wants to catch from spreading, this just might help us all.

If you can’t stay home and need to get out to buy groceries and other essentials during the CoVID 19 pandemic, this could be essential to have on hand when shopping and running other important errands. Until I found this, we had resorted to spraying our hands with alcohol, and that stuff really burns if not properly diluted. Fortunately, if you mix it with aloe gel in the proper ratio, this problem goes away.

Ingredients for Homemade Hand Sanitizer:

    • 1/4 Aloe Vera Gel (if you do not have you can just use straight rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle)
    • 3/4 Rubbing Alcohol (the higher the percent, the better. Try to get at least 70%)
    • 2 to 5 drops of Essential Oil (you want one of the following: Orange, Tea Tree, Oregano, Thyme, Lavender, Thieves, or Lemon essential oil)

NOTE: Do not add more than a few drops of essential oil, as too much can burn the skin. Oregano oil is very strong, so please be careful when handling this and any essential oils.

If you don’t have essential oil, that is ok, but this could kick up the killing power by a vast amount. The strongest killing power is going to be from oregano, thyme, or orange oil, in fact, if you spray one of those ingredients mixed with soapy water it makes a good disinfectant for surfaces, it also rids the area of crawling pests, but oil is good for humans and causes no harm. So you can skip this step if you do not have any, but these oils are easy to find at your local health food store or you can buy online and they are very affordable. Good brands include Young Living, DoTerra, Aura Cacia, and Oreganol P73 (P73 is more for internal use, however).

Aloe vera plants work, too. We have one in our front yard and I borrowed a few leaves from it to try out using the real thing. We just don’t recommend making your hand sanitizer with vodka or other versions of DIY sanitizer without rubbing alcohol that are around touting this recipe can be made with a lesser percentage or without alcohol at all.

How To Make Hand Sanitizer Without Rubbing Alcohol?

We have a DIY recipe for that, too. You can find it right here. 

There have been some recipes circulating around on making hand sanitizer with Titos vodka and other spirits you might have on hand, but this is not recommended as the alcohol content is not high enough to kill germs properly.

Directions for making hand sanitizer at home:

This is the formula.

How to Make hand sanitizer with recipe - Can you Make your own hand sanitizer? This recipe is from the WHO

Mix alcohol and aloe vera with the essential oil.

Ingredients in hand sanitizer - how to make homemade hand sanitizer with alcohol and aloe vera gel

Then pour into a squirter bottle.

Make your own hand sanitizer from the WHO

This stuff works! Try making your own batch of this recipe if you are out and can’t buy this in the grocery store, plus you can scent yours to smell the way you want it to. It costs less, too.

What about face masks?

Turns out, you can make those as well, although there are varying opinions on how much good they do. For some, at minimum, they provide comfort and can keep you from touching your face as much. Learn how to make your own face mask in about 5 minutes from a piece of scrap fabric with this DIY face mask tutorial.

If you have other thoughts on things people can make during this time of crisis, we would love to hear your suggestions. I am sure our readers would, too. Please comment on this article or Facebook and let us know what you are doing or making to help out. Much appreciated.

How to Make Hand Sanitizer - Recipes from the World Health Association

How To Make Hand Sanitizer From The World Health Organization – Youtube Video Instructions


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