DIY Halloween Zombie Pit Decor

DIY Halloween Zombie Pit Decor | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Wonder Evy


Halloween is just around the corner. If you want to scare and impress a crowd at a party, make this DIY Halloween zombie pit decor by Wonder Evy. It has lights, fog, and even sounds! I am sure the trick-or-treaters will get frightened by this display. It’s an out-of-the-box project that you can easily make at home. Watch the video below to watch the whole process of this decor piece.



  • wood pallet
  • 2 pieces of creepy black net cloth
  • gun tacker
  • Halloween plastic hands
  • scissors
  • wood blocks
  • red paint
  • brush
  • plastic cup
  • faux blood
  • black paint
  • red outdoor LED lights

Additional effects:

  • tube and fog machine
  • portable speaker (record and play scary sounds)


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Step 1:

Flip the wooden pallet upside down. Cover it with the creepy black net cloth, then secure it with a gun tacker.

Step 2:

Place wooden blocks on the bottom to elevate the wooden pallet.

Step 3:

Insert the plastic hands on the net, so that you can see them on the other side of the pallet. Attach using a gun tacker.

DIY Halloween Zombie Pit Decor with effects
Image by: Wonder Evy


Step 4:

Remove the blocks and flip the wooden pallet again.

Step 5:

Pour some paint into a plastic cup and add a bit of water. Mix using a paintbrush. Splatter some red paint on the wooden pallet, then make a few strokes. Don’t forget to splatter on the hands.

Step 6:

Once you are done with the red paint, pour the faux blood into the cup. Splatter and mix with the red paint on the wooden pallet. Next, pour black paint on another cup. Then write “keep out, dead inside” using a paintbrush and black paint.

DIY Halloween Zombie Pit Decor project
Image by: Wonder Evy


Step 7:

Place the red lights on the bottom of the pallet. For additional effects, you can insert a tube on the bottom of the pallet and then connect it to the fog machine.


DIY Halloween Zombie Pit Decor

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