Watch How She Makes This Incredible Globe Lampshade Lantern!

Watch How She Makes This Incredible Globe Lampshade Lantern! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Recycling is awesome! You will never have to throw anything from your house anymore…well, maybe a few things!

Now you can quit complaining that you have tons of stuff you don’t use in your house. You can do something with that stuff. Something that is so creative it can turn your home into an amazing place, that you’ll be excited to be!


You don’t think that’s possible? Someone already did it and decided to share it with us.

This is something you’re gonna want to see. If you were looking for some fresh and creative ideas for reusing your old and rusty stuff, this is for you!

Debi of Debi’s Design Diary does it again with this amazing world globe lampshade lantern! This is brilliant and it will add a totally new dimension to your home.

Debi is constantly doing amazing DIY projects and you can count on them being something you’re gonna love. I love her wacky and zany personality. She always comes through with her goofball personality, but that’s what I love about her tutorials. She has fun!

So watch this great step by step tutorial by Debi so you can make this cool globe lampshade too!


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