He Shows Us How To Make Some Insanely Cheap Fire Starters…Good Bye Duraflame Logs!

He Shows Us How To Make Some Insanely Cheap Fire Starters…Good Bye Duraflame Logs! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Knowing how to start a fire, and how to build that fire once it has started are top priority life and survival skills. Taylor, with MOD shows us how to make fire starters so we can stop spending money on the expensive fire starters on the market!

Have you ever been in the wilderness where there was no source of fire, no gas, no burner not even a lighter to help you build your own fire?! Or, imagine being at home and all light and electricity has left you. How will you survive? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.


You’ll need :

  • paper egg carton
  • dryer lint (you can also use sawdust)
  • tea lights
  • string or twine

Collect your dryer lint. A couple loads worth is plenty. Cut the top off of your egg carton. Melt the paraffin over a double boiler. This is a great way to recycle old candles or wax rings around your votives. While your wax is melting, stuff each container with lint, pressing firmly to fill. Once your wax is melted, carefully pour into each compartment. Distribute the wax evenly, and so that the lint is covered. When the wax has hardened and cooled, cut the carton to divide the compartments into individual cups. Fold the corners over each other. Tie with twine to secure… or just to make them look like perfect little fire-starting presents. He re-dips these into melted candle wax to finish them off. To use, light the twine or any unwaxed area of carton.

The lint catches fire quickly, and the wax slows the burn time. These starters will burn for 15-20 minutes – plenty of time to light your firewood and fuel your fire.

Place your egg carton over wax paper or newspaper in case any wax should leak through the carton.

These niffty little fire starters are water proof, burn for 15-20 minutes and will keep for years. They’re quick and insanely cheap to make and perfect for tossing in your bag when you want to go camping.

Watch how Taylor, with MOD, makes these cool little fire starters so you can see quick results when you need to light a fire!

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