You Can Make This Darling Affordable Clutch Easy And With All The Trimmings!

You Can Make This Darling Affordable Clutch Easy And With All The Trimmings! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is a beginners tutorial for making a handsome little clutch and you can decorate it any way you want to or just use some fabulous fabric! With all of the amazing fabrics at the fabric stores these days, you can go hog wild! This little DIY project doesn’t take hardly any fabric to make!


A zippered clutch is a great sewing project, especially for beginners. The thought of working with zippers can be intimidating to new sewers. But making a zippered pouch allows you to practice working with a zipper on a small, easy project.

These are great little bags for a night out on the town and they’re so incredibly easy to make that you can make several of them! These will add some great accents to go with your outfits!

These can also be great for makeup or a pencil holder…whatever you choose to use it for, they’re handy to have!

I made some of these and added some appliques and some fun trims to them. On some of them, I painted some designs. Also, these make awesome gifts, so I keep some available for last minute gifts, along with some of the other last minute DIY gifts I’ve got stored up!

If you’re anything like me, in the past, I’ve waited until the last minute to make presents for the holidays and I would get down to the wire. So, get busy making your presents for the upcoming birthdays and holiday seasons, so you can relax when the time comes!

Watch how Good Housekeeping TV does this in their step by step tutorial!



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