Check Out These Incredible Dollar Store Organizing Tips She Shows You!

Check Out These Incredible Dollar Store Organizing Tips She Shows You! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Aren’t we all interested in great organizing tips that cost next to nothing? I know that I am! I especially love the lazy suzan idea…I think it’s brilliant!


Alejandra with Home Organizing by shows us some really clever tips that I certainly would have never thought of myself. This is why I felt the need to share them with you!

If you’re on a budget but want to find awesome ways to organize your home and feel some peace and sanity, then I suggest checking out the dollar store. Doesn’t sound so great, I know, but trust me on this. People all over the internet have been finding ways to take ordinary products and repurposes them into something more…something that will actually change your life by making it easier!

The first tip on her agenda, she grabs a large shoe box and wraps it in colorful duct tape, making a homework caddy. She recycles toilet paper rolls, a toothpaste container and several other clever things. She wraps all of these in the same duct tape and hot glues them to the side of the shoe box.

As I mentioned earlier, my favorite of all these great tips is the lazy suzan she makes! I love that all this takes is two dollar store pans and a package of marbles!

Watch to see how she does these other awesome organizing tips in her step by step tutorial…so smart!



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