DIY Beer Can Rose

DIY Beer Can Rose | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Are you looking for a fun recycling project that is both fun and decorative and that uses our need to recycle? I found this wonderful tutorial on Youtube of a Coke Can fashioned into a rose, you just need some metal scissors, glue, wire, and a can. The tutorial uses a Coke can but you can certainly use any can of your beverage of choice. You just cut the top and bottom off, then cut down the center to make a flat piece. Then cut round and round to the middle in a spiral. Then scallop the edges and mold into a rose, so simple!


I decided to make some roses out of beer cans for my beer crazy Brother In Law using Bud Light cans. He is King of The Tailgate Parties so I knew he needed these for his truck. But, where could I put them… That was the burning question. Bingo, the idea hit me like a bolt from the blue, I would punch a tiny hole in the top of each petal then attach a string to each one, end to end and hang them over his rearview mirror. I was so thrilled about how this was going to compliment the Beer Knight Costume, the Beer Box Hat, and Crocheted Beer Hat I had already made him. I decided to surprise him, so I got my Sister to take his keys out of his pocket when he went to bed. Then we snuck in his truck while he was asleep and replaced his dangling fuzzy dice with the dangling Beer Roses. My Sister snuck the keys back ever so carefully and the next morning after breakfast, we waited for the moment of truth. He got his lunch pail and headed out the door, we were eagerly peeping out of the window awaiting his reaction. When he got in his truck and saw the Beer Roses, he knew what we had been up to, and he jumped out and shouted, “Come gimme a big bear hug you two beer fairies!”. We ran out the door and all a family-style group hug! The DIY Coke Can Rose tutorial sure made a lot of people happy in my family!

Learn how to make this soda can or beer can rose with this DIY tutorial video on YouTube:

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