She Makes The Most Luscious Nourishing Commodity To Pamper Yourself With! (WATCH!)

She Makes The Most Luscious Nourishing Commodity To Pamper Yourself With! (WATCH!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Now, THIS is a must have, ladies! This stuff is the Mac Daddy for the ultimate in pampering yourself and serves another amazing purpose too! I made this immediately and simply love it…it feels so luxurious! I already see an improvement in my skin, since no matter how often I put lotion on my legs, they were always dry. This blend, and I use the coconut oil in this combination too, has made such an improvement in my dry skin, plus it makes shaving so easy. The razor just glides over my legs!


Coconut oil is my “go to” for many things I use today. It’s great for removing makeup, using as night cream with Lavender and Frankincense mixed with it, I cook with it and I even put 1 tsp. in my dogs food daily. There are so many health benefits and you no longer have to spend a fortune on your night creams!

Ok, ladies… let’s talk about making your own shaving cream. Is it necessary? No. Shaving cream costs $2 a can. But how cute is this DIY?  It’s made with items you probably already have at home, and you’ll love it because it smells divine and leaves your legs incredibly soft. Plus, the mason jar is the perfect touch of shabby chic.

In POPSUGAR Beauty’s tutorial for homemade shave cream and mason jar pump… Combine your favorite shampoo, conditioner, lotion (she uses baby lotion because it smells so wonderful) and if you want, melted coconut oil into any mason jar until it is the desired textured. Poke a hole into the lid of the mason jar with a screwdriver and using pliers make the hole big enough for a soap pump. Cut the soap pump down to size using scissors and hot glue the pump to the lid of the jar. Wait 5 minutes till you put the lid back and enjoy!

Watch how POPSUGAR Beauty makes this wonderful DIY! You’re gonna love it and probably ditch your shaving cream!

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