DIY Clay Pot Garden Art

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ThisDIY terracotta garden art idea I found on YouTube by Great Home Ideas is just so gorgeous. I really can’t wait to make this satellite looking multi-pot idea. The Youtuber made this project look so easy as well, he just goes to the garden center at the hardware store and picks out his pots and when he gets home, he just starts arranging the pots ina circle, on a table on the porch and then just starts gluing them together with his trusty hot glue gun, continuing around and around until he has a bowl shape. Then he makes one more bowl shape exactly the same and sandwiches the two bowl shapes together. For extra hold outside in the elements, some putty caulk is applied over the hot glued areas.



  • Terracotta pots (they need to be all the same size)
  • A hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • A putty caulk gun


First, you will arrange your circle configuration on a table or on the floor, then just whip out your trusty hot glue gun and attach all your pots together.

Use a hot glue gun to make this terracotta garden art

Then you will make two of the bowl shape configurations, I guess one is technically called a dome and the other a bowl, none the less they fit together at the end. All you need to do after you put them together is add soil and plants and sett in ina nice spot on your porch, patio, or in your garden.

Use clay pots from Home Depot to make this terracotta garden art

This project is absolutely stunning, so glad I found it.

DIY Terracotta Garden Art

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