DIY Christmas Wreath Using Egg Carton Tray

DIY Christmas Wreath Using Egg Carton Tray | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by MadebyFate via YouTube


This DIY Christmas wreath by MadebyFate on YouTube is impressive because it’s so inexpensive to make and it uses egg carton trays. It’s a quick and easy project to work on during the holidays for decor. I know that Christmas decor can get pricy, especially wreaths. Plus, this size of a wreath is big and would cost over $30. However, when making this Christmas wreath, it can cost less than $20 and if not $15. All of these items you can purchase at your local Dollar Tree. I love how this tutorial makes me realize you can be creative with the items you may have lying around the house that could be thrown away.



  • cardboard box
  • yarn
  • marker
  • box cutter
  • empty egg carton tray
  • scissors
  • garland
  • hot glue gun
  • mini ornaments
  • tinsel garlands
  • bow


First, start off by drawing a circle onto a flat cardboard box. You can use something big and circular to trace or use a marker and yarn as a compass for the perfect circle. Cut out the circle. Then, prep the rest of the materials for the wreath such as cutting the garland to the size of the circle and the individual pieces from the egg carton tray.

DIY Christmas Wreath - Budget-friendly Christmas Wreath - Cheap Christmas Wreath Project
Image by MadebyFate via YouTube

Next, use the hot glue to glue on the cut garland pieces while leaving space for the individual egg carton tray circles. Add mini ornaments to the holes while skipping around and leaving some of them empty. Continue to watch MadebyFate tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

How To Make A Christmas Wreath Using Egg Carton Tray - Repurpose Items for Crafts and Projects
Image by MadebyFate via YouTube

Overall, this is a unique idea to make a Christmas wreath if you are on a budget. Also, it would be fun to repurpose some items around the house to create a Christmas decor. I love how simple the wreath looks, and it does not look cheap at all either.

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