DIY Christmas Tree Decor

DIY Christmas Tree Decor | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Super Idea via Youtube


I have found the cutest DIY Christmas tree decor, and it’s made by Super Idea on Youtube! It’s so beautiful – covered with acorns, sprigs, and toys. This even has doors and windows, making it look like a tiny Christmas home. Most of the items used in this project are inexpensive – you can even recycle materials you have at home. It’s super easy to make and is surely a fun craft.



  • magazine
  • Styrofoam
  • sackcloth
  • jute rope
  • jute twine
  • hot glue
  • Christmas toys
  • berries
  • sprigs of a Christmas tree
  • acorns
  • wooden ice cream sticks
  • thick paper
  • 2 small pieces of empty scotch tape rolls in different sizes
  • yellow cardboard
  • lace
  • bead


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Step 1:

Cut a small circle from the styrofoam for the base of the Christmas tree. Cover it with sackcloth on all sides. Next, wrap the jute rope around the sides of the foam.

Step 2:

Get the small scotch tapes and wrap the jute twine around until fully covered. Measure the inner diameter of the circles and cut 2 pieces of sticks with that size for both. Glue them to make a cross on both of the circles.

Step 3:

Cut two small laces and glue them on the yellow cardboard to make an inverted V. Next, glue the bigger circle on top and cut. Do the same for the smaller circle.

DIY Small Christmas Tree Decor Tutorial
Image by Super Idea via Youtube


 Step 4:

Glue six pieces of wooden ice cream sticks on the yellow cardboard, then draw a curve on the top part of it for the door. Cut it out using sharp scissors. Next, place two ice cream sticks on the upper and bottom parts horizontally. Cut the excess, and glue a small bead for the door knob.

Step 5:

Roll a big thick piece of paper to make a cone then glue it. Fill with crumpled magazine paper inside, and glue styrofoam on the base of the cone. Glue the cone on top of the base.

Step 6:

Glue the door and the windows. After that, wrap jute twine around the top of the cone.

Step 7:

Start gluing acorns, Christmas toys, sprigs, and berries on the cone filling all the empty spaces.

DIY Small Christmas Tree Decor Project
Image by Super Idea via Youtube



Christmas Tree Decor DIY

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