DIY Cement Shoe Planter

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I saw these adorable DIY Cement Shoe Planters at a local Bar B Que restaurant in the Texas Hill Country and I loved them so much! When I got home, I went looking frantically on Youtube to see if anyone had done a tutorial on them and bingo, I found one!  I knew I had to make them immediately because  I needed some planters and they really looked so cute and rustic I thought they would fit nicely with my Country themed room decor. So I gathered my materials together and got started right away.



  • Old Sneaker Of Your Choice
  • Rapid Set Cement
  • Durable Latex/ Nitrile Gloves (lots of them, get a pack)
  • Disposable Plastic Mixing Bowl
  • Plastic Grocery Bag (for disposing of leftover cement)
  • Disposable Plastic Cup
  • Disposable Measuring Cup
  • Plastic Wrap (if you wish to keep the markers from drying out)
  • Old Cheap Paint Brush
  • Paint Craft Sticks (or use gloves for mixing)
  • Rags and Paper Towels
  • 4 Plastic Tube Shaped Objects (that are rigid, Old Markers work good)
  • You can also use plastic Cake Dowels (trimmed)


  • A Power Drill
  • A 1/2″ and 1/4″ Drill Bit
  • One Pair Of Needle Nose Plyers

You start by removing the inner sole of your project shoe then drilling holes in the bottom for plant drainage

Make a fun quick Easy Cheap DIY Cement Shoe Planter

Then you place your tubes (old markers) inside the holes. Next, mix up concrete and rub it all over the shoe, also pouring some concrete inside and let dry overnight.

Make a fun quick Easy Cheap DIY Cement Shoe Planter

These planters turned out so cute, I cannot believe the home country feel they gave my front room, I absolutely love them and they have become a major topic of conversation in our quaint little neighborhood. Not everyone in the neighborhood likes them, can you imagine? Lol, maybe you can are rather different, but my family and I love them and wouldn’t trade their uniqueness for the world!


DIY Cement Shoe Planter

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