Bedroom Decor Idea: DIY Half Canopy

Bedroom Decor Idea: DIY Half Canopy | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Every gal dreams of having a romantic bedroom with all the little feminine touches and this simple canopy can change up the whole look of a bedroom and make a huge difference in how you feel.

When sleeping in a canopy bed, a night of sweet dreams is inevitably guaranteed. There is nothing that makes a bedroom feel more romantic or luxurious than fabric cascading from the ceiling. But, unless you were born into royalty, a canopy bed can be hard to come by. Therefore, you must resort to getting a little bit crafty when decorating your bedroom.


A canopy doesn’t necessarily need to hang over the whole bed, but looks fabulous located just at the headboard. That’s the cool thing about a DIY project… especially when you have a small home or a small budget. You can be creative, live out a few decorating dreams, or move onto new ones! So I imagine more than one or two of you have been dreaming of a canopy bed like one of these…you’ll never feel like you have a boring bedroom again.

Also consider draping it around a sofa or a reading chair, hanging it over an entry table or fireplace mantel for drama, or use it to play up a focal point in any room. Oh, and don’t forget, the bed!

Combine this treatment over your love seat with a few floral or lace pillows for a wonderful cottage look. Add it over an entry art display for an elegant backdrop, or use it over your little princess’s bed for a no fuss special room treatment! You could add fringe or beading to the bottom edge with a glue gun.

This project holds a huge range of possibilities for adding romance and charm to your rooms, on a budget! Basics are easy! Think of it like hanging curtains, just from the ceiling instead of the walls.

Watch how Ann Le with Anneorshine does this in her step by step tutorial so you can put one of these cool canopies up!

Photo Credit: Fresh American Style


A special thanks to Fresh American Style for the use of their beautiful princess canopy! Make sure to check out their blog site!

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