DIY Braided Keychain Tutorial

DIY Braided Keychain Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Bantiite DIY


One of the simplest yet adorable gifts you can give to your friends is this colorful keychain. They also make great souvenirs for events or gatherings. You can even sell them online to different platforms and gain money. This lovely DIY braided keychain tutorial is by Bantiite DIY on Youtube. Read on or watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • 8 pieces of 35.4 inches of t-shirt yarn in different colors
  • 1 t-shirt yarn
  • keychain clips
  • crochet hook or knitting tool
DIY Braided Keychain tutorial Materials
Image by: Bantiite DIY


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Step 1:

Insert the keychain clip into the 8 pieces of t-shirt yarn. Place it in the middle of the yarns.

Step 2:

Take off some yarn from the rolls but do not cut it. Make the same length of the folded yarn using the rolled-out yarn. Then on the continuous end of the yarn tie it 10 times around the pieces of yarn just below the keychain clip. Start on the top and make 5 loops going down. Next, make another 5 loops until you go back to the top again. Overlap each of the loops to fully secure. Then cut with an allowance eas same length of the keychain.

Step 3:

Insert the crochet hook or knitting tool on the loops then pull the yarn from the top to the bottom.

Step 4:

Hook the clip into an object. Separate the yarns into 3 sections. Next, hold the left section with your left hand and the right section with your right hand. Cross the right section over the middle part. The right section will now be in the middle. Then cross the left section over the new middle one. Continue doing this process until you make 3/4 of the yarn.

DIY Braided Keychain tutorial Steps
Image by: Bantiite DIY


Step 5:

Take the t-shirt yarn and loop it around the end of the braid 11 times ending on the top. Make an allowance with the same length of the yarn then cut. Insert the crochet hook on the loops and pull the yarn from the top to bottom to lock.

Step 6:

Cut the ends to the same lengths.

DIY Braided Keychain Tutorial

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