He Needed A Hiding Place And Came Up With This Clever Idea!

He Needed A Hiding Place And Came Up With This Clever Idea! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Whatever Dee Dee Wants


No place is sacred in my home, so I got pretty excited to see what Von Malegowksi did with this book so he would have a secret hiding place!

Now, I know some of you will think it’s awful to cut up an old book, but there are plenty of old books out there that serve absolutely no purpose, but to collect dust, whether it’s in your home or in the thrift store, so forgive me if this bothers you. This DIY project has actually given me some peace of mind. Now, when I go to look for certain things, I know where I can find them and this has certainly saved me a lot of headaches!


If you don’t need a hiding place, this is a great thing to store your remotes in, on your coffee table! I think this is a brilliant idea as well. I know I have 4 remotes and they look pretty tacky sitting on my coffee table!

I read on Pinterest that some kids do this to hide their phones in during class! This made me laugh out loud! But it does tell me that there are lots of special uses for this secret hollow book!

We all need a secret little spot to hide our treasures. Whether it is jewelry, candy you want all to yourself, money or other trinkets, this secret compartment book will do the trick.

I made this secret book a few months ago, stuffed some goodies inside and displayed it in plain sight. No one even bothered to look at the book. Success!

Watch how Von Malegowksi does this in his simple step by step tutorial so you can make your hiding place for your secret stash!



A special thanks to Whatever Dee Wants for the use of her Secret Hiding Place photo. Make sure to check out her blog site for more great ideas!

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