He Makes An Amazing Shelf Out Of Wood And Cinder Blocks (Watch!)

He Makes An Amazing Shelf Out Of Wood And Cinder Blocks (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

We can always use another bookshelf…at least it seems like I never have enough space for all my books! I love this simple design and it’s quick and inexpensive, which makes it even better!

This bookshelf has a great modern appeal to it and a little bit of rustic charm mixed in. When my husband and I built ours, we added a nice stain to it, unlike the one in the tutorial. I thought it looked unfinished without the stain, but you can leave yours in a natural state, paint it one color or different colors or stain it anyway you prefer.


We made our book shelf wall to wall the way David The Good did in his tutorial.  We are both avid readers and seem to never have enough space for our books, so this has solved a big problem in our home. We had books stacked in various places of our home and it was getting pretty cluttered.

We made a smaller one for our daughters rooms and painted them colors to go with their decor. They are most appreciative to have these in their bedroom!

I happened to actually have a little extra space, after loading my books onto the shelves, so I put some picture frames in the space that hasn’t been utilized yet.

Watch how David makes this cool bookshelf in his step by step tutorial so you can have some space for your beloved books!



Photo Credit: The Crazy Craft Lady

Thanks to the Crazy Craft Lady for the use of their photo of their block bookshelf. Make sure to check out their blog site for other fabulous things!

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