She Makes An Ordinary Basket Look Extraordinary With Cute Basket Liners (Easy!)

She Makes An Ordinary Basket Look Extraordinary With Cute Basket Liners (Easy!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Do you have a few baskets that just look so so? Here’s how you can change that and make them pop with this beginner sewing tutorial. It’s super easy and the results are dynamite! They look great with your initials embroidered on them too!


With all of the fabulous fabrics in the fabric stores these days, you can go crazy making these incredible basket liners! Use them in your home and give gifts in them! Your friends and family will be very impressed to receive a gift from you in this darling basket. You can put something in it or just simply gift it as your gift. I would love receiving one of these, wouldn’t you?

With this quick and easy sewing project, but it’s a great way to personalize the baskets.  You can add the fabric of your choice to coordinate with your room.

The fabric I used for these our basket liners is an outdoor fabric.  It’s washable and very durable.  The color I picked goes great with the other fabrics and accessories in our kitchen.

We’re using the baskets for our grandkid’s coloring and craft supplies, paper towels and plates for the microwave and our electronic gadgets and all of the chargers that go with them.

If you have a book shelf that you want to put baskets in, for out of site storage, they add an additional pop of color sitting on the shelf.  They’re easy to slide in and out and camouflage what’s in them.

These are also great for holding fruit in or putting loaves of bread in on the table…and the list goes on and on! Most of us love baskets, so why not dress them up a bit!

Watch how Sailrite makes this basket liner in her step by step tutorial so you can do it to!

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