DIY Bag Made From Old Jeans Tutorial

DIY Bag Made From Old Jeans Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Marifetli Isler via Youtube


Do you have an old pair of jeans that you cannot fit into anymore? Don’t throw it just yet because this tutorial from Marifetli Isler on Youtube will teach you how to make a beautiful DIY bag out of your old pair of jeans. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it will be your next favorite bag! Put your crafty hands to work by watching this tutorial in the video below.



  • old pair of jeans
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • ruler
  • pen (for lining)
  • needle and thread
  • flat-back pearls
  • glue gun
  • fabric clips


Step 1

Get an old pair of jeans. Using a measuring tape, measure the top side from the leg opening up until 38 cm. Line it using a pen and then cut it. Next, cut the sideseams from both pieces, opening them up. Sew the fabric together but leave the hem parts of the jeans as this will serve as the bag opening. Lastly, sew boxed corners on the bag; set it aside for a while. Grab the jeans again, and this time, cut the whole top side of one of the jeans legs but leave out the pocket. Using a ruler, measure both sides to get rid of the unequal parts. Fold it in half then cut it in two. Fold it again, then put a line in the center using the ruler. Cut it again in two. Fold them again horizontally, then cut them in half. These fabric pieces should measure 5 cm vertically by 24 cm horizontally (Use a measuring tape to check the measurements). Get one piece, fold it in three, then cut it around the edges (The shape should look like flower petals). Repeat this process with the rest of the fabric pieces.

Making denim flowers for the upcycled bag
Image credits: Marifetli Isler via Youtube


Step 2

Grab the jeans again and cut out the back pockets and the waist belt. Remove the belt loops and the button from the waist belt. Get the flower petal-shaped fabric pieces. Stitch them loosely in the center, then pull the thread, forming a flower. Sew it at the center to lock the flowers. Glue a flat-back pearl at the center to make the flower prettier. Repeat the process to the rest of the flowers.

Step 3

Grab the bag, and sew all the flowers on the front side. Get the fabric (of your choice), and cut out two identical pieces in the bag’s shape, making it just a little larger. Sew one of the jean pockets on one side of the fabric in the sewing machine, then the other pocket on the other side. Before you sew both the fabrics together; make sure that both pieces are inverted, as they will be the inside part of the bag. After sewing, place it inside the bag. Clip it first, place the waist belt as this will be the strap of the bag, and then sew it all together in the sewing machine. Finally, sew button magnets on the bag.

Sewing the inside part of the upcycled bag from jeans
Image credits: Marifetli Isler via Youtube

DIY Bag Made From Old Jeans Tutorial

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