DIY 3D Yarn Wall Decor Tutorial

DIY 3D Yarn Wall Decor Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: yoduvh Essentials via Youtube


Who says you need to spend a lot to elevate your space? This 3D yarn wall decor from yoduvh Essentials is the perfect piece to add to your space. This decor is like a piece of art, and the materials are easily found in the Dollar Tree. It’s gorgeous, super easy to make, and, most of all, it’s inexpensive. This will surely spice up your bare wall. Make this a weekend project with your family! Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions.



  • string lighting
  • balloons
  • 2 – 8×10 canvas
  • 1 – 14×11 canvas
  • yarn
  • school glue (mixed with water)
  • silver plastic spoons
  • gold spray paint
  • gems
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks


Step 1

Blow air into your balloons, making two small, and two large ones (you can use any size of your choice). Next, mix some school glue and water in a small container, making sure the consistency is not too thick or too watery. After this, soak the yarn into the glue mixture, then wrap it around a balloon tightly. Once you’re satisfied, cut the yarn, and set the balloon aside. Repeat these steps for the remaining balloons, then leave them overnight to dry completely. The next morning, pop out the balloons, remove them, then cut the yarn ball into halves.

Making the yarn ball for the 3D wall decor
Image credits: yoduvh Essentials via Youtube


Step 2

Moving in the canvas, grab the glue gun and make a pattern on the 14 x 11 canvas. Spray paint it afterward. Now, attach the string light to the canvas, laying it on a circle shape in the size of the halved yarn ball, then secure it using hot glue. After this, attach the yarn ball over the string lights. Secure the switch part of the string lights on the back of the canvas with tape. Lastly, glue the silver plastic spoon handles all around the yarn ball for added design. Hang it anywhere you like.

Designing the canvas for the 3D yarn wall decor
Image credits: yoduvh Essentials via Youtube

DIY 3D Yarn Wall Decor Tutorial

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