Countertop Redo For $37 With Peel And Stick Tiles

Countertop Redo For $37 With Peel And Stick Tiles | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I was planning to redecorate the kitchen and the first thing I really needed to do was to replace the countertops. The existing countertops were an old Formica surface and it had held up pretty well and I had enjoyed it but I really did want to replace it with a lighter color so there was no other alternative than to go through all the trouble of pulling the existing surface up and completely resurfacing the countertops with new tiles of some kind. So I set out on a mission to search high and low on Youtube for the type of countertop refurbishment that would really suit the needs of or kitchen space and my skill level. So I was super excited when we found this peel and stick vinyl tiling idea because we could just measure the tiles and cut them myself with a utility knife and stick the tiles on top of our stripped-down countertop. I found some tiles we loved at Lowes, although the selection at Home Depot was also excellent. We did prep the countertop by doing a deep steam clean and we disinfected it. I really loved the video I had found on Youtube so much by the great Youtuber Dorsett Doorstep that I decided to look for vinyl tiles similar to the ones she used because they had a slightly marble look and I  just loved that look so much, I found it very relaxing and atmospheric. The instructions in the video are so simple to follow Dorsett Doorstep starts by peeling off all her old countertops.



  • Peel and Stick Tiles
  • A Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • A Box Cutter Utility Knife (or Exacto Knife)


In the video, you will see how Dorsett Doorstep peels back her existing countertop.

Install peel and stick countertops

Then step by step you will see how to easily install the new peel and stick tiles.

make a new counter surface with peel and stick tiles

These countertops look very professionally done without the price tag, my family loves them.

Countertop Redo For $37 With Peel And Stick Tiles

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