If You Don’t Have One Of These This Will Remind You That Need One…So Easy!

If You Don’t Have One Of These This Will Remind You That Need One…So Easy! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I can’t imagine not having one of these and I thought this was the perfect DIY project to share with you, just in case you don’t have one or want to upgrade! I don’t know what I did before I had mine.

Other than holding your cook book, these are great for propping your recipes on while you’re cooking. It sure does make a difference.


Whether you’re pulling out the secret family recipe or looking for a thoughtful hostess gift for your next gathering, this handmade cookbook stand is the perfect solution.

With straightforward cuts and a simple assembly, this project comes together in no time.  Once complete, all you need is to make the perfect meal!

This will especially come in handy for the holiday season upon us and all of the cooking all of us are going to be doing. I cook Thanksgiving dinner and lots of pies for my family and as soon as I get through doing that I start gearing up for making Christmas goodies!

If you’re not into working with wood this is the perfect project for the hubby or boyfriend. They always need some kind of project so they will jump at the opportunity.

Keep in mind that you can stain the wood, paint it, decoupage it…finish it any way that appeals to you the most!

Watch how WM Woodworking makes this great cookbook stand in his step by step tutorial.



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