How To Make A Bird Trap From Coke Cans

How To Make A Bird Trap From Coke Cans | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Are birds getting into your garden too frequently? You might want to try this hack by Am Song. This hack won’t harm the birds, just stop them in their tracks so they can’t get into your garden by catching them by their feet. Once they are caught, you can simply take the rope off, and release them and reset the trap.


Materials Needed For This Hack

  • Coke Can
  • Zip Ties
  • Sticks or Twigs
  • Rubberband
  • String


Step One

Drink up that coca-cola. You will want to poke a hole all the way through the empty can. It works best if you cut the holes in each side individually first.

Coke Can Bird Trap - Bird Hack

Image by. Am Song via YouTube video.

Step Two

Poke a smaller twig through the entire can. This will be what allows the can to rotate and tie the rope in step five

Step Three

Attach the small twig with zip ties between two larger twigs. You will want to wrap the zip ties from the bottom of the inside of the large twig to the top of the outside of the large twig.

Step Four

Create the trigger for the trap with a rubber band, stick and smaller stump or stick. You will place one stick as a stake in the ground a few inches away from where the can is set up. Then, place another twig to hold the tension between the can and the stick.

Bird Trap With Coke Cans - Easy Bird Hack

Image by. Am Song via YouTube video.


Step Five

Twist the can around on the twigs and tie a string to its pop-top. Then place the string in a slip knot under the twig that is holding the tension. Place some birdseed under the tension twig as well.

It’s that easy. To see the bird trap in action watch this video by Am Song down below.

Coke Can Bird Trap Hack

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