Christmas Yarn Gnome DIY

Christmas Yarn Gnome DIY | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by NataliDoma DIY


This Christmas yarn gnome DIY is a cute and fun project you can make with the kids this holiday season. I am certain they will enjoy creating this small decor piece at home. For this craft by NataliDoma DIY, you will only need simple materials like yarn and cardboard sleeves. It’s a great way to recycle them instead of throwing them in the trash. Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions.



  • cardboard sleeve from toilet paper
  • 3 colors of yarn
  • hot glue
  • nose bead
  • buttons
  • comb
  • scissors


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Step 1:

Get the cardboard sleeve and make vertical cuts around one edge. Once done, press the ends to make a cone shape, then glue them together. Take one of the ends of the yarn and start wrapping it around the whole sleeve. Make sure to glue it so it stays in place.

Step 2:

Make 3 long loops from a different color of yarn, then tie it in the middle. Take the first yarn that you used and wrap it several times on one end and tie it to secure. Do the same on the other side. Glue the middle of the loop on the top edge of the cone, then the ends to the bottom sides.

Christmas Yarn Gnome DIY Project
Image by NataliDoma DIY


Step 3:

Take the 3rd yarn and loop it several times on your four fingers. Insert a small yarn and tie it to the loops. Once done, cut the loops on the other end. Make sure that they are all the same length. Comb the yarn to loosen each thread. Trim it a little bit then glue it on the upper front part of the gnome.

Step 4:

Take the 2nd yarn and wrap it around the gnome two times. With that length, make 4 loops then cut it. Cut small pieces of yarn of the same length. Get one and fold it in half, insert it on the bottom of the loops then take the open ends and insert it on the other end. Do the same for the remaining pieces until the whole loop is covered. Tie the ends together. After that, take a small piece of yarn and tie it in the middle. This will be the hat of the gnome. Insert it and glue it on the sides.

Christmas Yarn Gnome DIY Tutorial
Image by NataliDoma DIY


Step 5:

Glue the bead just below the hat in the middle. Cut the ends of the hat, to make it small, then brush it with a comb. Decorate the hat with buttons.



Christmas Yarn Gnome DIY

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