Quilting Tutorial: How to Make A Chevron Quilt

Quilting Tutorial: How to Make A Chevron Quilt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

My long distance friend, of 18 yrs, was recently diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to do something for her to show my support and I knew that she was the kind of gal to appreciate handmade goodness, so I decided to make this for her.

I did every step of this quilt myself, from start to finish. It was my first chance to do machine quilting with a free motion foot, which was exciting, but a lot of muscle work. I also did my first binding and was very pleased with how that turned out.
The important thing to remember is that once you have the basic construction down, you will be able to modify the design to suit your needs.
Start by choosing several fabrics to create your chevron stripes.  You can choose to have just a few that repeat, or eleven different fabrics.  You’ll need fat quarters or quarter yard cuts (make sure you have a full 9 inches in width if you choose quarter yard cuts) for each chevron.
Arrange your fabrics in the order that you want your chevrons to be on your quilt.  I’ve separated like colors so that they aren’t touching each other, but go with whatever is pleasing to you.  I took a picture of my fabrics, all laid out in order.  I promise, it will be a lifesaver later on!  From here on out, keep the fabrics in this order for every step.
We all know that chevrons (or zig zags, if you prefer) are all the rage right now, so watch how Laura Coia, with Sew Very Easy, makes this beautiful chevron quilt so you can get started making yours!

How to Make A Chevron Quilt


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