After Wrapping A Mason Jar Lid With Jute, What She Attaches Next Will Surprise You!

After Wrapping A Mason Jar Lid With Jute, What She Attaches Next Will Surprise You! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I was amazed at how easy this project is and what’s even better is that I could get everything I needed to make it at the dollar store! This is a great way to add some great looking decor to your backyard and if you have trees, perfect!


After shopping for a vintage looking beaded chandelier, and seeing the astronomical cost of these beauties, I quickly decided to make my own. I wanted something for outdoor entertaining, so weather tolerance would be important.

These also look fabulous in a bedroom or your study…whatever your heart desires. And, I might mention that you can spray paint these any color you want or even use faux pearls. When I did mine, I used a glittery silver spray paint for a more bling effect when the light hits it.

I came across a couple tutorials online for chandeliers constructed from hanging plant baskets and dollar store beads. These had the look I wanted but involved lots of wire work and seemed like they would consume more time than I was willing to invest.

I LOVE chandeliers! I think no matter the style, it just makes a room so glamorous. In this DIY , you’ll see how Cla Cali makes this lovely DIY chandelier that is simply from the dollar store ! This dollar store chandelier is easy to make and extremely affordable. If you have a glue gun and spray paint, the materials will cost you close to $10-15 !

This gorgeous DIY chandelier is perfect for a DIY wedding decor, or any events that need that extra glam decor!

Cla Cali shows us in her step by step tutorial how to make this great looking chandelier, so take a look at how easy this is to make!

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