What She Sews Is So Stinkin’ Cute You’ll Have To Make At Least One (Watch!)

What She Sews Is So Stinkin’ Cute You’ll Have To Make At Least One (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is such a fun sewing project, so much fun that I had to make a few of these right after I saw this tutorial! There are so many great reasons to make these!


I decided to make up a bunch of these (in the process of doing that now) and take them to the children’s hospital. I can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces when I give them these adorable kitty cat puppets!

Of course, my grandchildren already have theirs and love them! So this is something you can make for your children or grandchildren that will definitely put a smile on their faces and it will keep them busy playing and having puppet shows for hours.

I remember having puppet shows with my friends when I was little and it was so much fun! We would play and pretend for hours. Those were some of my fondest memories.

I guess I’m just a little girl in grown up skin, but I love things like this! Of course I had to make one for myself, while I was at my sewing machine. I’m a big cat lover, so anything with a cat on it is right up my alley!

Watch how Guide Central English does this in their step by step tutorial.

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