She Puts Bling On A Frame, Adds A Frame On Top…The Butterfly Tops It Off!

She Puts Bling On A Frame, Adds A Frame On Top…The Butterfly Tops It Off! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is a really great looking piece of wall art and she bought her supplies at the dollar store! I specifically saved the best part for last because it is simply the icing on the cake, so to speak!

When she puts the glitzy butterfly on top of the two blinged out frames it pulls it all together and makes a beautiful statement. The butterfly makes the whole thing pop!


I made one of these and put it in my bathroom, where all my girly things are. I have decorated it with a lot of feminine things and it is the perfect touch with the decor I already have in there. I just love it!

This would look good hanging just about any where in your home. It’s a beautiful addition to a bedroom or hanging in a grouping. It definitely stands out where ever you chose to hang it.

Or, what a fabulous gift this would be to give to a bride and groom or a special friend. I can’t imagine anyone not loving this unique gift.

I’m currently making one of these for my best friend, since she saw mine and had a fit over it. I plan on giving it to her for her upcoming birthday and I think she’ll be really surprised!

Watch how Beverly, with Beverly’s Design Time, makes this exquisite wall decor in her step by step tutorial.

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