Awesome Mason Jar Organizer! Extra Storage & More Space!

Awesome Mason Jar Organizer! Extra Storage & More Space! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas



Do you need more space in your bathroom for all the little things you use every day?   This project offers any space a little extra storage.  If you’re anything like me, I had jars all over my vanity.  This cleared up my vanity area and got me organized, not to mention how cute this shelf is!  I just love mine and you’re gonna be super excited to have your too!  You can use for your garage and put different nails and screw in the jars, or use it in your art project room to put brushes in, use it on the wall as flower vases…the sky’s the limit!


All you need  is a 32″ x 7″ piece of wood, wood finish, drill, screwdriver, 4 mason jars (they use 16 oz, but you can use any size you want), hammer, tape measure, screws, picture hangers, hose clamps to attach the mason jars to the wood and a level.

First, stain the wood and let dry 24 hrs. Then you’ll need 4 mason jars and make sure to adjust the clamps so they fit through the hose clamp, then measure and hammer the picture hangers on the back.  Next, mark and measure the wood to evenly space out the placement of the 4 jars, drill a pilot hole into the wood for the clamp, then she changes out the drill bit and screws the clamp into place. Just drill and repeat until all the hose clamps are screwed into place.  Put your mason jars through the hose clamps and screw the hose clamps until your mason jars are secure.  Now it’s time to fill those bad boys up! This takes under 30 minutes to make!

Check out this easy step by step tutorial!

Love this project but don’t have time to make one? Check out this listing on Etsy to get the one shown in the photo

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